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A collaborative Ethereum week, built by and for everyone.

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Devconnect // Amsterdam 2022

Thanks to all those who came to the first ever Devconnect. What started out as an experimental idea turned into one of the most impactful Ethereum events to date — thank you for being a part of it! Hope to see you at the next one.

While Devconnect is over, the Dutch ethereum community continues to grow! If you wish to get involved, you can join the Ethereum DEV NL meetup group.

Ethereum DEV NL 

What is Devconnect?



Devconnect is a week-long in-person gathering that will feature independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus.

The goal is to focus on depth-first sessions rather than size, and to bring the Ethereum community together in smaller groups to talk, learn about, or make serious progress on specific subjects.

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