Meet the builders of Ethereum

Devconnect is a week-long gathering of independent Ethereum events to learn, share, and make progress together.

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Devconnect aims to bring together Ethereum's most important xbuilders, researchers, and its community.

At Devconnect events, you can have deep discussions about trending topics in Ethereum, and collaborate in person on problems you are currently trying to solve. The Devconnect Cowork is a place to network, and meet the people working in Ethereum. And on the side, you can explore the rich history and culture of Istanbul.

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What to Expect

Multiple events, independently organized by the community.
Each event has a unique focus, ranging from beginner-friendly to expert level.

Topics Include

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Decentralized Systems •
Scalability • privacy • incentive mechanisms
• mev • UX • governance & more
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Host Your Event At Devconnect

Make Devconnect what it's supposed to be — a decentralized and open Ethereum week.

Here are some quotes from last year's event hosts in Amsterdam with reasons to host an event:

"Get all the interested people in one place at the same time to make progress on open issues."

"Bandwidth and engagement IRL meetings is high!"

"People came away from the event extremely energized, and discussions inspired new project directions."

"We realize that creating unique spaces for the blockchain community will attract our target audience."

"This type of event is a valuable feedback mechanism, and simultaneously allows for participant learning in a workshop format."

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