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Devconnect // Istanbul 2023

A collaborative Ethereum week, built by and for everyone.

One notable feedback we received from attendees of the first-ever Devconnect in Amsterdam in 2022  was that they felt the sessions and conversations had a significant impact on the ecosystem by driving progress in tangible ways.

Many expressed their wishes for Devconnect to happen again, and after we saw the impact, we strongly agreed. Devconnect is coming back on November 13-19 this year!

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What is Devconnect?



Devconnect is a week-long gathering that features independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus. Unlike a usual conference, the goal is to facilitate the deep discussions and conversations that are needed to continue to improve Ethereum. The target audience for most events will be experts or people very interested in the specific domain of the event to enable in-depth understanding and discussions.

Devconnect is a natural candidate to apply subtraction . Each discussion during Devconnect will be hosted and curated by experts in those domains. Our team will help foster coordination so that hosts have logistical help, and assurance that there's minimal overlap of similar domains to avoid pulling participants in different directions.

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What about Devcon?
What is the difference between Devcon and Devconnect?
Why is Devconnect coming to Istanbul?
What about the earthquakes that happened in Turkey and Syria?
From my understanding, Devconnect will just be separate events hosted by individual projects/teams/individuals, correct?
Will there be a central venue where these events will be held, or is each host responsible for locating a venue for their event?
Will there be any "main events" hosted directly by Devconnect?
Approximately how many people will fit at each event?
What is the primary audience you are hoping to attract for Devconnect IST?
How do you host an event at Devconnect?