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Our destination for Devconnect 2023 is Istanbul!

One could argue that it is exactly the right time for us to go to Istanbul with Devconnect. Türkiye has seen one of the highest crypto adoption rates  in recent years. This can remind us of the positive impact Ethereum can have, offering financial inclusion and empowerment. There are multiple active blockchain university clubs and a thriving Ethereum community in Türkiye.

Apart from that, Istanbul has a rich culture and heritage because it is home to many cultures and bridges two continents, Europe and Asia. It is a popular destination for visitors with a major international airport (IST). It's very affordable to live, public transport is efficient and cheap, hospitality is genuine, and there's a lot to explore: bazaars, kebaps, baklava, and the Bosporus strait.

This guide aims to equip you with everything needed for the best Devconnect experience in Istanbul. For once, you don't have to DYOR because we've done it for you. From accommodation recommendations to getting around in the city and tips from locals, you can consider this your ultimate Devconnect travel resource.

Quick Tips



Visa: tourist visa (30/90 days) & e-visa


Currency: Turkish Lira (€ EUR)

Exchange Rate 

Official language: 


Average November weather: 9ºC(47ºF) to 15ºC (59ºF)
Emergency Number
Devconnect Emergency Number
+90 537 797 04 28

Useful Information

Wifi: It's always nice to be connected while on-the-go or have a backup in case of poor connectivity: We recommend purchasing a local SIM card or a large package of an e-SIM. We have secured discounts from two different e-SIM providers for you:

a) The local provider Roamless offers you 2GB for free and when they are used, you get another $5 free credit if you add $20 or more into your Roamless wallet. Use the code "DEVCONNECT".
b) Airalo offers a 20% discount for all Devconnect cowork attendees to receive 20% off their chosen data package with the code “DEVCONNECT” up until 30th November, 2023.

In addition, you can purchase a local sim card or e-sim with better rates through official stores of Turkcell, TurkTelecom, and Vodafone. Please make sure to go to the official stores to get the standard rates, they will require your passport to issue your Sim card.

Exchange Rate: The best exchange rate you can find currently is ~22.80, the exchanges near the Devconnect co-work venue are ~28.10 you can potentially find better around the gold market / grand bazaar. Although credit cards all widely used it is good to have some cash in case of emergency or sometimes Ubers and taxis want cash during late nights or busy times.


40km to venue

Istanbul International Airport

Approx. cost to venue by taxi: ~700-900 TRY

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60km to venue

Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Approx. cost to venue by taxi: ~900-1100 TRY

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From the Airport to the city

  • For taxis, use Uber or BiTaksi to ensure you can get the best, fair rate.
  • Another option to get from the airports to Taskim are couch type buses or the M2 metro. There are couch type Havaist (IST) and Havabus (SAW) buses to the city. Find the bus to Taksim. Depending on your final destination either:
    • Get off at Levent and take M2 metro.
    • Get off at Taksim and walk to your place.

Keep in mind there can be traffic in rush hours (17pm-19pm)

Public transport

  • Metro / Tram:  The fastest, not everywhere
  • Taxi / Taxibus: only 20,000 taxis for 20m inhabitants. Taxibus are cheap and convenient
  • Bus: Go everywhere, but traffic
  • Ferry: to cross the Bosphorus
  • 👉 To use all public transportation in Istanbul you will need the Istanbulkart (might not work seamless for non-locals) or simply use contactless payments. 💳 Get the card and top it up at kiosks near metro stations, piers, and bus stations. 💵 Approximate costs: 9.90 TL ($0.4) per trip


  • Uber  or BiTaksi : to order taxis
  • isbike: city bikes by the municipality.
  • Google Maps or Moovit: for route planning and real-time information on public transport.
Tourist Guide by ITU

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