Ticket Information

Co-work tickets will only grant you access to the Co-work Space at the Beurs van Berlage venue in Amsterdam.
These tickets will NOT grant access to any other events taking place during Devconnect.



As part of our goal to foster collaboration and community throughout Devconnect week, we will be hosting a co-work space for all those coming to Amsterdam to use as a meeting point, a place to work, and a space to relax.

While all of the other events happening throughout the week will be independently-organized, this co-work space will be officially hosted by the Devconnect team.

What to expect?

Work. Tables, wifi, and outlets.

Relax. Comfy areas to relax alone or in a small group.

Collaborate. Several meeting rooms available for informal meetings (first-come first-serve).

Energize. Light snacks and drinks will be offered throughout.

Ticketing information

All events during Devconnect are independently hosted and it is their choice how they do ticketing: open ticket sales, applications, pre-defined list of attendees, etc.

For information on attending the independently-hosted events during the week of Devconnect, see our schedule and find the event you are interested in attending.


If the co-work venue is not at capacity tickets may become available over the course of the week. If you are without a ticket or need a private co-working space, here's a list of discounted alternative co-working spaces .

Tickets to the Co-work Space will be €1. We will accept fiat payments via Stripe and ETH & DAI payments via two L2s: Optimism and Arbitrum. To keep costs low for everyone, we will only be accepting payments on L2s.

Get tickets here 

First Come First Serve

The Co-work Space will be open from: April 18-25th, 2022 09:00 - 23:00.

Co-work ticket are valid for the full week; however, admission is first-come first-serve and entry is not guaranteed.

In an effort to ensure maximum availability of the Co-work Space to the Ethereum community, we will be over-distributing tickets. In other words, the total number of tickets we distribute will exceed the max capacity of the Co-work Space at one time.

Therefore, entry to the Co-work Space will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis. In the event that the venue is at full-capacity, even those with a wristband may be denied entry until space becomes available.

From April 22-24th, ETHGlobal will be hosting a Hackathon within the Beurs van Berlage venue, and therefore we will have more limited capacity on these days.

Covid-19 Policy

COVID-19 regulations are constantly changing around the world. We will be following the COVID-19 policy of the Netherlands and the Beurs van Berlage venue during the week of Devconnect.

This may include verifying IDs to match any required proof of negative test or COVID-19 Vaccination, if they are required to enter the venue at the time of the event.


If you purchase a ticket, a QR-code will be emailed to you 3 days before the event, and you may use that to check-in.

Depending on the Netherlands' COVID measures at the time of the event, you may be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test from 48-72 hours prior to check-in. This will also need to be cross-checked with a matching ID, so please bring matching ID in the event we have to screen for COVID-19 measures.

When your ticket is scanned & approved, you will be given a wristband. This wristband is how you will access the Co-work Space for the full week, so we advise that you wear it immediately upon receipt & do not lose or remove the wristband unless you no longer plan on attending the Co-work Space.

If you lose your wristband, you will not be granted re-entry to the venue.

Once you're checked in, head over to our Swag Desk to snag some sweet Devconnect swag!