Coworking space


Coworking Space —

Istanbul congress center (ICC) 📍
November 13th — 19th
every day 09:00 - 20:00 (NOTE: Sunday until 18:30)

Space is limited:
First-come first-serve, even with a ticket

Ticket Information

These tickets will only grant you access to the EF-hosted Coworking Space at ICC in ISTANBUL.

These tickets will NOT grant access to any other events taking place during Devconnect.


As part of our goal to foster collaboration and community throughout Devconnect week, we will be hosting a cowork space for all those coming to Istanbul to use as a meeting point, a place to work, and a space to relax.

Even if you don't plan to attend any other events, the Devconnect Cowork venue is where you can meet the people working in Ethereum, make new connections, and reunite with friends.

While all of the other events happening throughout the week will be independently-organized, this coworking space will be officially hosted by the Devconnect team.

What to Expect

Work: Tables, wifi, and outlets.

Wifi: Devconnect IST (password: blobsarecoming)

Relax: Comfy areas to relax alone or in a small group.

Collab: Several meeting rooms  available for informal meetings

Energize: Light snacks and drinks will be offered throughout


Have your Zupass  ready to be scanned at the entry. When we have scanned and validated your ticket, you will receive a wristband that will grant you access to the Cowork Space for the full week. Don't remove or lose your wristband!

🙏 If you took the chance and purchased one of the specially designed Devconnect Turkish towels with your Cowork ticket: they'll be ready for you to collect at the Cowork registration. 🧖‍♀️

💡 Space in the Cowork is limited, and there's a maximum amount of people who can be in the Cowork at the same time. Entry to the Cowork will be granted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Ticketing information

All events during Devconnect are independently-hosted and it is their choice how they do ticketing: open ticket sales, applications, pre-defined list of attendees, etc.

For information on attending the independently-hosted events during the week of Devconnect, see our schedule and find the event you are interested in attending.

GA Tickets to the Coworking Space will be €10. We will accept ETH & DAI payments via L1, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon ZkEVM; ETH payments on zkSync Era; and fiat payments via Stripe.

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